A Sneak Peek into GEEK 2017

After hearing the disappointing news that there will be no GEEK2016, the fans’ morale was a bit lifted by the prospects of GEEK2017. Let’s see what it has to offer. The event is organized by Bits and Bytes in association with Marine Studios and HKD. If you are a gamer and you have never heard of GEEK, you have either been living under a rock for the past decade or you are not very keen on leaving your house every once in a while.

Either way, you have to check this out. The very essence of GEEK is to celebrate video games. The next GEEK event will take place on February 17-19, 2017 in Margate, Kent. The seaside town of Margate in South Eastern England has been the host of this festival since February 2012 when it first launched.

A place for families

Unlike what most people think, GEEK2017 is a place to come to with your family if you wish. Parents can bring their children, gamers can bring their parents or you can just come with your S.O. and/or your friends. Just make sure to bring people who love games just as much as you do because guess what, participants will have the chance to literally play hundreds of video games.

However, there are other activities as well, such as board games, cards and even interactive theatre or real life social games. It all sounds great doesn’t it? Well do you know how you can make your passion for video games even better? By making money while playing. How? It’s easy. Get better at online casino games. You can use this Ladbrokes promo code to receive free bets.

What to expect

Excitement is building up with every week that passes. There are 3 more months to go until the next festival but it will definitely be worth the wait. The organizers promise 3 days of spectacle and challenges, talks and workshops, not to mention the hundreds of games that are waiting for you to play.

What’s special this year is the awesome Mario Kart Challenge in real bumper cars. The winner will get a special award. You can build your own team and sign up for the Dreamland Tournament of games. Remember that you will need both digital and analogue skills, so be careful about how you choose your teammates.

The GEEK Dreamland games compendium will include most of the popular pub games plus some new board games. Don’t forget about Cosplay, LARP and the Indie Zone. If you are more interested in making than playing games, there is a place for you too at GEEK. There will be plenty activities related to science, coding, drawing, storytelling, game sound composition and even poetry. We also have to mention the zombie makeup part that will definitely get many of you hyped and hooked.

All these sound awesome, so don’t waste any more time and go order your tickets online. It’s never too early to sign up for the GEEK2017 Margate festival. Hurry up to secure a spot.