GEEK 2015


From February 20 until February 22 2015 gamers and developers came to the GEEK festival and celebrated the fourth year of the event. Compared to last year, GEEK 2015 had some cool new features, and kept some from last years, like the Minecraft cave.

This year the festival featured for the first time games designed by the students of Marlowe Academy, which were played and tested at GEEK 2015.

GEEK 2015 had so much to offer to everyone, regardless of the gender or age. Whether the participants wanted to compete in tournaments, try some new games or rather old, or just relax and shop for some souvenirs, there were opportunities just for everyone.
Tournaments and prizes
The tournaments were available from 10 am every day. Minecraft tournaments were featured, as well as Halo, Hearthstone, Call of Duty and Nosgoth.

There were also classic retro tournaments including games like Sonic, Mario Kart, Street Fighter 2 and Super Smash Bros Melee.

Card games and Boardgames also featured tournaments where players won prizes like the state of the art gaming headsets and Golden Joysticks that were provided by Plantronics Gaming and Level Up Games.

Special guests

This year enthusiast gaming youtubers like Team PietSmiet, Netty Plays, Sqaishey, Mini Muka, TankMatt and others joined GEEK. They hosted discussion panels, meets and greets, and the participants were able to join them and play in the Minecraft cave.

Minecraft cave


The giant Minecraft cave was featured again for the second consecutive year. It was so successful and the minecraft fans participated in a creative build competition, where they had to build the best scenery they were capable. Below is a video showing the winners of the Minecraft competition and their magnificent builds.



This year the Cosplay event was presented by Zonic Cosplay, on Saturday 21 February. GEEK 2015 hosted a cosplay competition, photography sessions, discussions, and useful beginners guide to crafting cosplay.


Just like in the last years, GEEK 2015 featured the Indie zone where indie developers would bring their games and allow the participants to play. Also, the Retro gaming area had even the oldest games from 1970 to now. And more Recent games like Halo and Tomb raider were available to play. Board games weren’t forgotten and they had a special dedicated place in the event.
Other fun projects at GEEK 2015

Gamers could also participate in other activities than gaming, like workshops, theatre plays and live performances like the “Blister Cinema”, “This Is The Moon, That Is The Earth” and “Mars One Extended”, among others.

Blister Cinema was an interactive event created by Genetic Moo in collaboration with scientist Dr. Neil Duffton. It showed how the immune system fights against bacteria inside a human blister. The cinema simulated the inflammation by using top technology to make the participants feel involved in the action. The purpose of the Blister Cinema event is to not let the infection take over and fight against it.

This Is The Moon, That Is The Earth was a play developed by Ovalhouse, Camden People’s Theatre and The Yard, and supported by Arts CouncilEngland. It was a great play about getting adventurous, travel into space and eventually getting lost into space.

Mars One Extended was a series of live performances of an artist supported by SHPLive, South Hill Park Media Arts Centre. The artist was inspired by an organization that wants to establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2024 and monitor it like in a Big Brother show delivered to the population on Earth. The artist featured his performance in a monitored transparent bubble.
Shopping and souvenirs
This year at GEEK the market place was bigger than ever. The market was available for the game fans to buy their favorite souvenirs and games. The items available for purchase were from board games, card games, to figurines and plushy toys of Pokemon.

Bigger stores like Funky Collectables, Groovy Frog, Verity Glass, Moomoonz, RetroVideoGames, Level Up Games and many other brought their own products to the GEEK 2015 market and the gamers could feed their nostalgia and gaming needs by purchasing some of the items.
In conclusion
GEEK 2015 was the place where people could play great games of all times and years, old and modern. All the gamers who came to the festival were definitely indulged with the great number of games to pick from and play.