The Big Easy Slot

We’re huge fans of virtual reality, but unless you already have the headset and the knowhow, it’s a difficult field to get into. However, we believe that there are many benefits to the technology which can be enjoyed, but where to begin if you’re a newbie? This is often the question which is asked the most.

But, as soon as you are involved in the VR world, you might not want to leave. There are hundreds of uses of VR which we aren’t taking advantage of enough yet!

However, from talking to many people, we’ve found that there are a few major ways in which virtual reality could be more accessible to the masses. These include:

Making the user experience a lot more easy to use. This one may sound obvious, but it is definitely something already on the VR to-do list and the number one commitment if we want to see people using the technology every day. Currently, people are put off by the idea that this tech is simply for gamers.
Provide more influencers with the technology so the masses can see how simple it is to use. Although it doesn’t please us to have to give rich people free things, it’s definitely a good way of spreading the VR word. Preach it.
Build more experiences which are interesting and accessible to the masses. Altura Obscura is now offering a free download which is certainly a treat and worth checking out. But, we need more experiences, preferably along the theme of travel or horror as these options usually bring in masses.
Stop people from watching the scary Black Mirror episode about Virtual Reality as it’s likely to put many people off!
Make great content and bring in popular content creators from YouTube and other sites where young people are interested in whatever their favourite creators are making, whether it’s a quick two minute vlog or a developed VR experience…

These are just some of our thoughts. Right now, the technology is very similar to a clunky mobile phones when they first came out, yet now we’re wandering around the latest iPhone. Admittedly, it is a lot larger than ever before, but as technology advances, we hope to see more young people enjoying virtual reality, not least because it offers benefits in medicine, technology and even mental health treatments, as well as simply being a cool tech.