The absence of GEEK 2016 and the promise to come back in 2017

The absence of GEEK 2016 and the promise to come back in 2017

GEEK festival was absent this year unfortunately, but instead there was a smaller event that took place on 20 February from 10 am to 6 pm at The Ballroom, Dreamland, Margate. The entrance was free so anyone could come and enjoy the small entertaining events.

The exciting events featured by Bits and Bytes in collaboration with GEEK and Marine Studios this year were EKCCC Cosplay, Great Kentspectations, The Micro Museum of vintage computers and games, Genetic Moo’s interactive art installations. The participants met Pleo again, the artificial intelligence baby dinosaur and also enjoyed some retro gaming on a variety of consoles.


Geek promises to come back in 2017 bigger, better and with more to offer. Being an event that brings people together to play, create and connect, the number of gamers is expected to come is expected to be very big. We cant’ wait to be surprised by the new cool features GEEK 2017 will come up with.

The 5th GEEK event from next year will definitely feature the most popular sections of previous years like the Retro Gaming, Indie Games, The Next Generation Gaming, Arcades, of course, Boardgames, Minecraft for sure and no doubt Cosplay.
The tournaments will be so much fun and can’t wait to see what the prizes will be next year.
With so much that we don’t know yet about this exciting event that will take place in 2017, we are looking forward to see new announcements and news to be released by the Marine Studios.

Keep in touch with us and we will update you with the latest news about GEEK 2017.