4 Tips on How to Prepare for a Gaming Convention

Gaming conventions are the jolliest time of the year for any gamer. If you set out to visit one, you will surely have a blast. However, if you do not prepare yourself and plan accordingly, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. It’s the same as playing casino games online – it is advisable to read a review of Primeslots before actually playing the game.

The best way to start is to read what seasoned gaming convention-goers have to say about it. We’ve visited a large number of them in our lifetime, had a lot of fun, but made a lot of mistakes as well. If you don’t want to repeat them, make sure to keep reading. 

Secure Your Tickets Fast

Recently, gaming conventions have become an important social event that attracts the attention not only of gamers but of people from other spheres of life as well. Therefore, tickets usually sell out fast! You need to be ahead of the game if you want to do more than just read about a convention online.

Tickets and registrations are usually available months in advance, so there’s no point in waiting until a week before a convention to (unsuccessfully) try to buy one.

Plan Ahead

Gaming conventions are usually packed with numerous interesting panels and booths. Even though we’re sure you’d love to see them all and dedicate plenty of time to each, that’s most probably not going to be possible. Therefore, look at the schedules for each event and write down your priorities. This way, you will ensure enough time for dedicating to your favourite parts of the convention. If there’s time for some extras after that, even better.

Eat Food and Stay Hydrated

Gaming conventions usually last for a couple of days, during which you will probably be on your feet for tens of hours in total. That is a lot of calories spent, so do not forget about nutrition. There’s nothing worse than experiencing a sugar crash and not being able to enjoy all of the goodies at the event.

Start with a strong breakfast before you leave your home or your accommodation, bring water in your backpack, and try not to live on only junk food for the whole duration of the convention.

Book Accommodation Early

If you’re not a local, make sure that you book accommodation around the same time you buy a ticket. You will not have a good time if you spend a lot of cash on a ticket but realise you can’t go because you do not have a place to stay.